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People are getting both traditional TV and streaming services like Netflix

Twenty years ago, movie rental companies like Blockbuster ruled the roost and meant that the iron law of shelf stock determined when you would see any given movie. With the rise of Netflix, first launched in 1997, the entertainment industry was forever changed. In 2000, Netflix had only about a quarter of a million subscribers; today that figure stands at over sixty million. Given that there are only fifty million cable television subscribers, it’s clear that Netflix is not just the entertainment entree but the main dish itself. What’s the big appeal of combining Netflix with cable television?

Original Programming

A decade ago, it would have seemed to be a major non sequitur to say that Netflix would win a Golden Globe — much in the same way it would be odd to say that Macy’s would win a Red Carpet fashion award. Netflix is putting out television shows that are original and compelling enough to rival the largest entertainment providers in cable and pay-per-view television. Around three million tuned in to watch the season premiere of Netflix’ signature political thriller series, House of Cards. What’s more, their Orange is the New Black prison drama is among the most-downloaded television shows in history. If you enjoy marathoning excellent TV, it’s no longer enough to have just cable, which is why so many Americans have invested in both cable and streaming.

On-The-Go Shows

How many different ways can you stream Netflix or competitors like Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or HBO Go? There’s the standard option of watching them on your 60′ flatscreen, but just as many enjoy watching on their 4′ smart phone. The mobile mania has allowed streaming services to put their brand and products into every persons’ pockets, while streaming to tablets like iPads allows users to watch from any room in the house or while on break at work. Finally, the integration of streaming services into video game consoles like Xbox One or Playstation 4 systems gives gamers the ability to seamlessly switch from deathmatch shooters to television shows. Cable television isn’t feeling the pinch, however: more people prefer to retain cable and streaming in tandem, which is why cable apps like TV Everywhere have skyrocketed in popularity. TV and Internet Bundles are common ways of saving money on both sources of entertainment media and offered by every provider under the sun.

Review of the most intense multiplayer Wii games

Finding a game to play with friends that everyone can enjoy is the goal with a great video game. Whether you enjoy going to the Internet for gaming, or you prefer console classics like the Wii, you are in luck. Take these top multiplayer Wii games, well known in the Wii world as having top notch play-ability and interactive qualities.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Wii

Take your gaming days back to the time of when Gamecube was the bomb. Super Smash Bros Brawl features the same characters you came to love in the Super Smash Bros Melee in this sequel multiplayer version for Wii. You’ll be appreciative of the newly improved controls and character movements that make playing this game the crème de la crème among groups of gamers.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

OK, so if you are looking to play a game with a friend on Wii, New Super Mario Bros beats every other game out of the park. You are forced to work together on this game to get ahead of the bad guys. Try to leave your friend’s character behind and you’ll soon learn your folly! As this could annoy some gamers who prefer to play solo, those interested in multiplayer Wii games will appreciate the intensity of New Super Mario Bros.

Mario Kart Wii

Get on the track and fly by the seat of your pants in this fast paced video game. From dirt bikes to racing cars you can also customize your ride, as well as your character of choice. While Mario Kart is fantastic alone, it is way better when played with a friend. In the multiplayer version you enjoy a split screen, which can make things super intense as you race side by side on the virtual track. The race gets heated as you make a break toward the finish line, while watching your opponent out of the corner of your eye. Want to play against your pals, or perhaps even strangers, but sitting at home alone? Thanks to the online world of Wii you can score a race against a field of competitors, which adds to the joy of this speedy game.

FIFA 2009 Soccer All Play

Soccer is meant to be played with friends. Why should your Wii experience be any different? Take the controls of this fantastic multiplayer game and enjoy the full experience of soccer enthusiasts from your own home. Thanks to the plethora of playing options ranging from arcade modes of simulated soccer games, you and your playing pals will never grow bored with FIFA 2009 Soccer All Play.


The 5 Best Ecommerce Platforms

We are living in a fast-paced technological society. Almost everything we do whether for personal use or for business use involves some use of technology. The internet is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among entrepreneurs. Online shops seem to have become nearly as popular as offline stores. Consumers are finding it more convenient to shop from the comfort of their home; this saves time and gas money. With one simple click, buyers are able to satisfy all their needs.

When opening an online store, it is important to select the best ecommerce platform to ensure the success of your business. An ecommerce platform is a store builder which allows you to display your inventory and provides you with apps and tools that will help build your business.

There are an abundance of ecommerce platforms, oftentimes making it difficult for the business owner to decide which one to use. Among some of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing an ecommerce platform are templates, pricing, ease of use, security, and customer support.

So what are the five best ecommerce platforms?

Shopify is one of the top ecommerce platforms in the market today. It’s well known for its outstanding features, including its multitude of apps for store owners to download- some free and some at a nominal cost. Templates, likewise, are plentiful. Other outstanding features are social integration with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
2.Big Commerce
BigCommerce initially started by offering software for online business owners to install on their own website. Second to Shopify in the eyes of many, Bigcommerce, like Shopify, allows you to choose from many different themes and apps for your online store. More than 55,000 store owners use BigCommerce; some of their clients include CNN, AbcNews, and Good Morning America.
Volusion has helped entrepreneurs earn over $17 billion dollars. Like its competitors, it offers hundreds of free and premium design templates. What makes Volusion unique is its Facebook store, a feature which allows online shop owners to attract more customers. There is also social media integration with popular selling websites such as ebay and Amazon.
4. 3dcart
Like Volusion, 3dcart offers a Facebook store. Ebay integration is with the more expensive plans only or can be added on as an additional option. 3dcart has more than 60 different templates from which to choose. Depending on the plan, users are allowed between 4,000 and 90,000 visitors per month.
5.Yahoo! Small Business is yet another good ecommerce platform that has everything you need to start your online store. With its easy to use templates, your store will look more attractive and drive sales. Unlike many other platforms, Yahoo! Small Business also provides an email account and a free domain name. Another unique feature that it has is UPS integration, allowing you to print labels and customize shipping rates right from your store.

So which one should I pick?

In deciding which ecommerce platform to choose, one should carefully consider all of the above mentioned factors, compare and contrast different platforms and choose the one that will assist you the most and will allow you to free up your time. Also, if there’s a free trial, sample it to see which one suits you the best.

TV over internet blog & entertainment

TV on the InternetTV over internet blog & entertainment “We’ll be there in the next few days”. Dreaded words coming from your cable operator, telling you your TV will be dead for the next few days. Are you tired of it? Are you outraged for paying three figures bill for a bad service? It seems like a lot of people are! And it’s not like there are no alternatives. The wave of incoming internet services has brought us another new option – internet TV. More and more people are choosing this option in hopes to get a better watching experience and maybe shake the cable companies management into changing things around. There are so many of them, in fact, that they are grouping online, sharing advises and they have a name for themselves: Cordcutters. This is of course a clear sign of frustration over the way they are treated by the cable companies.

Cablecutters say that buying additional equipment needed for the online TV is not as expensive as paying for high cable monthly fees. Let’s remember that last year average cable bill was around $90. Sure, online TV providers also charge fees for their services, but they are not as high and demanding as the ones from cable companies are. Some folks hit a dead end when trying to get rid of their old providers as they still need the internet connection they are providing. And, for some – it’s just not worth it, with all the waiting and switching hassle. For others, services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon are the best way to go. Before you decide to make a switch, you should test the experience and services we just mentioned will allow you to do just that. When making a decision to change the way you watch TV, you should consider the fact that both options have flaws and see how you feel about it. For instance, you probably won’t be able to find late night new nowhere but on the cable. And not all internet services are the same:


Netflix – old DVD-to-door delivering company turned digital in order to make the content instantly accessible. Netflix holds thousands of TV shows and movies and even makes their own. This service is relatively cheap: only $7.99 a month and they are easily reached since Netflix app can be found in most app stores, covering mediums like smart TVs, computer,s tablets and even phones and game consoles.


Amazon Prime Instant Video – you can buy anything on Amazon, and that obviously goes for internet TV too. They have an ever growing database of movies and shows you can access for $7.99 a month or $79 for a year long subscription. Like with Netflix, you can get Amazon Prime Instant Video on any device with internet and an app store. Hulu Plus – at first free as Hulu this service now charged $7.99 per month for additional Hulu Plus content. They don’t have an impressive movie collection, but they make it up with shows. They hold a lot of the old ones but the real game changer is the speed at which they get the new ones out.